Monday, August 25, 2008

Alive again!!!

Finally, we have a computer that works and internet is connected. I know all of you are sick and tired of seeing the block party pics. Long story short, we have moved to wynne, bought a dental practice, and things are absolutely crazy!!! i know ya'll mostly want to see pictures but there are a few things that need to be announced:
Auntie M is pregnant!!!!!!!!!! Carl's sister Mari-Gray and her husband Dewey are expecting an angel in March. We couldn't be more excited!!!! Also, my cousin Matt and his wife Libby are expecting their second little one in April. Something is in the water, and speaking of babies, we have some friends who are pregnant with their 8th kid... in 8 years. yup, you heard me right. it makes me tired just thinking about it.
ok, now to pics:

Juliann's 4 month birthday!!! She was in the 99th percentile in length and 75th in weight. I told Carl that we successfully reproduced a "freak of nature".

Juliann's first ride in the stroller sitting up like a big girl. She loved it (obviously) . John is just handsome isn't he? The Sit n stand is a must have for two kids (thanks cendi)

Sister at 5 months. John trully is such a sweet big brother

Papaw came over the other night to celebrate Pops birthday. we love our papaw!!! Juliann is named after him.

PJ Time
John loves his new playroom upstairs. he can keep his toys out especially his Thomas the train set. we are so blessed.
John got a trampoline from Pops for his 2nd birthday but since we knew we were moving we decided to wait to assemble it. We are the neighborhood hot spot for fun.

John started at his new babysitter's this week and is doing awesome. he never has even fussed when we dropped him off. now please pray for a sitter for Juliann. She won't be able to go here until she is older.
John and Ms. Melinda
ok it is way after midnight and i will upload more videos of Juliann crawling later. also, more pics and info about my practice to come including pics and logos. stay tuned...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Block Party!!!

Last weekend our little church in Crawfordsville hosted a mission team from Gaither Baptist Church near Harrison, AR. They came to help us with a community wide block party on Saturday, help prepare for Vacation Bible School, and do some construction projects around the church. It was an amazing weekend. Their church is about the same size as ours and they brought 28 people. None of them had ever been on any kind of mission trip before. They were nervous that there wouldn't be enough to do. Boy, were they wrong. Their pastor shared a few words Sunday morning with our congregation. He said, "We thought we were going to be standing around and not have enough to do. Boy, was I've got an ambitious little preacher here if you didn't know it!!" It was so funny!!

John finishing the obstacle course. Obviously he is a little tired. He played hard for 3 hours straight.

Woooooo Pig Sooie!!!!
The team pulled up carpet and tiled two classrooms and the hallway. The carpet had been there for like 25 years! uuggghhhh. They also made flower beds, power washed the building, and cut down old b-ball goals. I'm sure most of them slept all the way home. THANKS GAITHER!!!

Growing up so fast!!

It's Summertime!!!

Pool Time!!!Two weekends ago we went to Nana and Pops house for Juliann's first swim. We all had a blast! Doesn't Juliann look adorable?!! Chillin' with Nana

Juliann in her cover-up before her big plunge

John loved playing on the steps. They were his "safe zone". Rosie came out andretrieved a few dummies off of the diving board. He cracked up watching her swim with him.

The fam

Thursday, June 5, 2008

3 Months Old

It is so hard to believe that our precious angel has been here for 3 months. She is growing so fast and doing more each day. (including pee peeing and poo pooing on the potty) She loves for you to talk to her. Her sweet face lights up and she smiles and coos constantly. It is amazing how your love grows when another child is born. You can't imagine loving another like your first until it happens. And just think how much more our Heavenly Father loves us. How deep and how long is love of Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord.
What a pair!!! I am going to start adding John's phrase of the day because he is saying the cutest and funniest things lately. Yesterday I was in the yard with him playing baseball. He hit the ball off the tee about 8 feet. Of course, I cheered when he stopped me and said: "No mommy, that bad hit!" He hit it again across the yard and I cheered some more. Apparently he has high standards for himself.


Last Friday night we had a campout and pitched a tent in the living room floor. John was so excited. Carl put the blow up mattress in the tent to sleep on. (who says camping has to be uncomfortable?)
Where's John?

Can you tell he was having just a little fun?

Aren't they the cutest campers ever? John and Daddy slept in the tent all night. John was so wound up that it took forever for him to doze off. He had to have all of his blankets and books and pillow from his bed before he would go night-night. As the kids get older, I can imagine Friday night campouts will become a tradition. Of course, followed by pancakes on Saturday morning.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My First Fish

The weekend before last John caught his first fish. Hopefully it will be the first of many more to come. We were in Wynne so Nana kept Juliann so mommy could enjoy one of John's firsts. We went John's Lake. It is on some land that my parents own and are going to build a house soon. After they got it, they renamed it John's Lake (sorry Juliann, you weren't here yet.) John has his Cars fishing pole that Daddy has taught him how to use. They have been casting in the living room and in the yard for months. After a few tries to cast out far enough John finally made it, when all of the sudden... the cork went under. Carl helped him reel it in and John wasn't too sure what to think of it all. (we have it on video for those who would like to see it.) It was a pretty big catfish!!! What a fun memory. Carl wanted so bad for John's first catch to be at his lake. i am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who is also an amazing daddy.


This was a couple weeks ago. i'll add more pics of Jules soon.

John and Pops for one last ride on the tractor before we leave. He can be such a little redneck when we go nana and pops house and he loves it.